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  1. Blue-Latte 11wk 1d ago

    Hey theree! How have you beeenn? :)

  2. myri-chan 12wk 1d ago

    Quote by Blue-CrescentHello dearest sister!

    I hope you have been doing all this time! I just really drop by to leave my greetings.
    I believe it is your birthday today. I wish you all the best, dearest sister. I wish you more love, happiness and blessings as you add another wonderful year in your life. A person who is beautiful in and out such as you are deserves to have the choicest blessings in life. Continue to be an inspiration to others and I wish you more successes along your way. May this day be filled with laughter and sweet memories with yor loved ones. Have the happiest birthday ever, dearest sister and lots of love from the Philippines. I love you from the bottom of my heart, dearest sister. Be well and take care always.

    And here's a present for you. This guy said he wants to date you. ^_^ Enjoy your lovey-dovey moments with him! :)

    With all my love and respect,
    BLUE <3 *a million warm hugs and kisses*

    What a surprise! :D Hi Christian ^^

    thank you so much for your wishes and kind words <3 <3 Daisuki my ototochan !

    what a nice present i appreciate it <3 you'll find it weird but i don't have those kind of feelings for Ikki because he is me ! Lol the male version of me ^^ for romantic stuff i prefer his brother shun ;3

    *hugs back* and a trillion kisses for my very special ototochan <3 <3

  3. Tanya2000 15wk 4d ago

    How are you doing?
    Em and just by the way watched "High Speed! Free! Starting Days"?
    + Makoto Haru Alter

  4. myri-chan 21wk 4d ago

    Quote by Blue-Crescent

    Quote by myri-chan Happy birthday Christian ! <3
    May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. :)



    Hello dearest sister, Myri-chan,

    *hugs you tightly* I miss you so much.

    First of all, my sincerest apologies for my very late reply. I have been really very busy and a few things have been really stressful lately for me. Though, I am trying to balance things the best way I can. I think, even if sometimes I feel like I am barely breathing, but I am just happy to have managed things. It made it harder for me to visit in here, though I can still sneak in Facebook sometimes to see if I there are important announcements and messages from people and pertaining my studies. That is why, I really am very sorry. I do hope, you can forgive me. I really didn't intend to be rude and reply this greeting. T_T

    Also, thank you, thank you very much for the wonderful greetings. A cake made by Makoto must be heavenly. Also, it would be nice as well if you could wrapped her as give it to me as a gift. >_< Just kidding though. I just really have a huge crush on her. Thank you very much for your wonderful message. You know, it really puts my heart in pure bliss to read a message from you or even receive a greeting in my birthday from a wonderful person, both inside and out. Thank you very, very much. I am filled with joy and gratefulness. <3 <3 <3
    My birthday has been completed with this. Also, my birthday was heaps of fun. I celebrated it with family. The preparations were simple but it sure was a heavy dinner. >_< I am just happy to get to spend another year and of course, just having a chocolate cake. I am really grateful, because I know, not all get to enjoy a chocolate cake in their birthday. Just thinking, how a large part of the world suffers in poverty. But the chocolate cake was really good, and I am such a chocolate guy. Hopefully, time will come that I will get to share a cake with you, and the rest of my brothers and sisters in here. ^^

    Another thing, my account turned 3 years last June 22. I just want to say thank you as well for the friendship and love you gave me for the last 3 years that i have been a part in this site. I am really very grateful that I have known you, and that despite the distance, I get to meet a beautiful soul like you. I am very happy to have found not just a rare treasure but as well as a sister from another parents in you. Thank you for being there for me and for always listening to my ups and downs, when no one can do it for me especially if my mom is busy or there are just really times it is hard to open up to her. Thank you for understanding my deepest moods, and for sometimes, how my own emotions can be wishy-washy. Thank you for always giving me pieces of advice and for the lengthy conversations I share with you. I always treasure them and keep them in the most special parts of my heart. For seeing beauty and appreciating me always, despite that nothing is special about me and that I am a complainer most of the time. Thank you very much and I am very grateful for everything.

    I look forward to doing these wonderful things with you for the next years. I just hope as well, that someday, I can do something to repay your goodness and kindness to me. That I will get to know you better as well. That you will open up to me more and that I will get to know your hates, ups, downs and the things you love. ^^ I love you always, dearest sister and you always have my deepest respect. *Hugs you tightly and gives warm kisses on the cheeks*

    All my love and respect,
    BLUE ^^


    Quote by Blue-CrescentMay you and your home be filled with more blessings and love,dearest sister. Extend my respect and well-wishes to your wonderful family. Daisuki! <3



    Hi Christian <3
    Thank you so much for your wishes :3 *hugs back* it's quite rare to see you around hope you are doin well :)
    And you seem very busy irl ^^ but you don't have to apologize,take your time my dear ;3

    Haha, am glad you enjoyed my present ^^ i wonder if it is legal to wrap her and bring her by force to you ^.^' her friends won't let me do that anyway, without

    mentioning president Rodrigo Duterte, i'll be in serious trouble Lol. But i can try to sneak into her house and take more pictures if you like ^^
    Am also glad to know you had a great bday with your family.It is so heartwarming to see how much you love each other it's just wonderful <3
    Time runs so fast i can't believe we have been close friends for three years already <3 am so happy and honored to be part of your siblings :)
    ^////^ You can count on me if you need something just pm me ;3 my greatest reward is our friendship dear Christian <3
    it is always a pleasure to talk with you,don't hesitate to let me know about your feelings and troubles maybe i can be helpful in a way or another ^^
    thank you once more for your nice words,affection and trust,daisuki my blue,you are the greatest <3

  5. Aisha93 22wk 5d ago

    Quote by Blue-Crescent

    Quote by Aisha93 Hey blue how are you
    And miss u tooo
    Hugz back
    How was ur weekend

    Hello Aisha!

    First of all, my apologies for replying very late. I have been really very busy. T_T
    Also, I am glad that you are back. *hugs you*
    I do hope you have been really well the past days. I have been fine, I guess.

    Also, I wish you and your family more blessings this Ramadan.



    Oh blue
    Hugs back
    I really was very very busy with my college
    And it's the last month and I'll get a job
    Amazing I'll get a job soon
    And thanks for Ramadan Mubarak to u too
    And I'm very happy when I talk with u and ma friends
    Thanks for replying

  6. myri-chan 23wk 2d ago

    Happy birthday Christian ! <3
    May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. :)



  7. dchoggia14 25wk 1d ago

    heloo bleu. thank you for your supports. wish the best for you and yourvamily as well :))

  8. Shadowgirl 25wk 2d ago

    Quote by Blue-Crescent

    Quote by Shadowgirl Hey My Makoto How are you I missed you so much!

    My laptop broke on me T~T

    Hello, my love! *hugs you so tight because I missed you so much*

    First of all, I am really glad you are back! Honestly, I was really wondering why you seemed to have completely forgotten about me. T_T But, there goes the reason. I do hope, your laptop has been good and well right now.

    Going back, I am really doing great. Thank you very much for asking, my dear. How about you? I do hope you have been doing great! I guess, we really need a lot of catching up to do and I do hope to talk to you more. *hugs again*
    MT is a bit empty but I guess, I don't mind as long as I still have those best people like you.

    And oh! I do hope you won't kill me for flagging your account in my account! Daisuki! <3 *hugs and kisses*

    BLUE / Makoto :D


  9. myri-chan 25wk 2d ago

    quote=Blue-Crescent]Hello my dearest sister!

    I know it has been awhile. I do hope you still know me. T_T
    First of all, I do hope you have been doing great and well these past days. I kind of got a little busy with something that's why I was not able to visit MT, just lurk for awhile, which left me a couple of guestbook post I really need to reply. I do hope my friends don't get mad at me. Anyway, I really am passing to check if you have been perfectly fine. And pardon my rudeness, but I do hope my greetings aren't that late.

    May this Ramadan be full of blessings for you and your family, dearest sister. My best regards. <3 Daisuki! *hugs and kisses*




    Hi dear Christian ^^/ am doing fine thank you,how are you ? <3

    yes indeed ,am always tempted to post something in your page but i don't know exactly when it's the right time to do it :/
    cause i don't want to annoy you,but am very happy to see a new message from you ^3^ <3

    i've been listening to pinoy pop recently it's really awesome :D

    wow those cards are gigantic !Thank you so much for your wishes dear Blue :3

    muchos kisses and hugs <3 <3

  10. Shadowgirl 25wk 5d ago

    Hey My Makoto How are you I missed you so much!

    My laptop broke on me T~T

  11. superkabog 25wk 6d ago

    sino gumawa ng Page mo? ikaw ba? ganda ha!

  12. dchoggia14 26wk 5d ago

    Quote by Blue-Crescent Hello brother! *hugs tightly*

    Glad you are back in MT now. I am really happy.
    How have you been doing all this time? Hope you are doing great as usual. :)

    Blue ^_^

    hello blue. not really great unfortunately, i got insonia again T__T. but no worries, my business running again! it shouod be generating money in 2 weeks :D. wish me luck ^^

    it seems i just over thingking about everything :p

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